back from a wonderful journey through California & Delaware

Friday, September 05, 2014

Freitags Füller

Endlich hab ich's mal geschafft, Barbara's Freitagsfüller auszufüllen. 1. Für fünf Euro bekomme ich in Norwegen leider keinen Cappuchino. 2. Die Nordsee erfreut mich jeden Tag aufs Neue vor meiner Haustür. 3. Wie könnte ich all meine Ideen in der vorhandenen Zeit umsetzen? 4. Gestrickt habe ich schon länger nicht mehr, aber das holen wir jetzt nach. 5. Für alle Fälle habe ich auf jeden Fall genügend Wollvorrat. 6. 160 Mini Guglhupf Küchlein zu backen, das Highlight der Woche. 7. Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf den leckeren Couscoussalat, morgen habe ich Nähen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich Pläne schmieden für mein Weichnachts-to-do-Liste ! Ich wünsche Euch ein schönes Wochenende

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

back - after a long break

In the more than one year I haven't posted here big changes where made. Early September 2o13 we moved to the Stavanger area in Southern Norway. DH managed to rent a house with a wonderful view to the beach and the ocean, not to mention the great space for me. More of that later. Who followed me on FB may have seen several pictures from our view, but I'll post some here in the future, I'm shure. Quilting wise: No progress on my Baby Jane, it's still not touched. BUT I started a big 1/2" Hexagon project (17200 pieces)Grit Kovacz designed. She offers the pattern for free on her blog. Last November I traveled -again- to Shipshewana/Indiana to attend the Dear Jane Retreat and to meet my international friends. Caroline from Belgium, Julie from Australia have been there as well, I traveld with both of them for 3 weeks through California in January 2o12. Hanne and May Brit from Norway have been there too and Brenda B. from Dubai. I spend some time with Valerie in the suburb from Chicago for some days, she runs the beautiful quiltshop "The Quilt Merchant" in Winfield, IL. Most of my reproduction fabrics for my "La Passion" where bought in her shop. Today I managed to sew the first block of Tula Pink's City Sampler
Now I have to do my kitchen duties and to prepair the BBQ See you soon

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Muttertagsfreude / Mothersday joy

Today we are celebrating Mothersday in Germany. I have no idea if that is the case in Norway where we moved to last September. More about that later. Ines sent me a lovely little package, nicely wrapped with a beautiful picture in a pretty frame. Not without a tiny swallow which she loves. I also got 4 coasters with a poppy on it, coordinating to the quilt in the livingroom. I'll show that in another post. And a washitape for my scrapbook stash (PL) 
 Vielen Dank Engelchen <3

Saturday, August 24, 2013


We know: most accidents happen at home.
While I had big plans for today I managed to get a cut in my thumb.
Slows me down

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First impressions from our new home in Norway

Early September we'll move to Norway. Last weekend I spent 2 days with DH and we measured our new home to find out how our furniture fits in.
All I can say about the new home is: wooooooow

It's located out of town near the shore of the North Sea - the livingroom and my studio on the first floor have a spectavular view!

DH has a nice room for his modeltrain and space for dirty work.
A big livingroom with an iron oven. My space is wonderful: a nice studio with big windows and a sleepingroom and a office with room for my drawers filled with my fabrics. Not shure to be able to sew, quilt, bead, read or knit in my studio - perhabs I'll just sit in my rocking chair and enjoy the wonderful view ....

What do you think?
Off to sort and prepack

Greetings from Bavaria

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Knitting: Brickless - Martina Behm design

Just finished my Brickless, 

knitted with handdyed yarn from my local dealer Anja 

Was great fun to knit!
Has to get a nice stretching though

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Katrin hat mit Claudia und Helga diese hübschen Nadelkissen angefertigt und mir ein Biscornu geschenkt! Vielen Dank da seht Ihr noch mehr - die 3 möchten gerne tauschen